Thursday, August 17, 2017

Holden - First Time Model

When I met Holden, he was very excited about the opportunity of a photoshoot.  He is an athlete and is very comfortable with his body but had never done any modeling before.  When he showed up for the shoot, I met him at his car.  He said he was a bit nervous, let me tell you, once he got in front of the camera, he was a natural and you would have never known he was nervous.   From the looks of it, it the complete opposite, he appeared to be very excited to be there, which made for a very fun afternoon.  

"Caring for people is really important to me and drives most of what I do. I'm going into nursing because I feel like I will be able to walk away everyday knowing that I helped someone in some way."

"Being outside is really important to me. Especially after spending extended time in the city, I find it important to be able to get away and just be. I love living in the PNW where everything is so accessible. My favorite things to do are run trails in the cascades in the summer and ski the mountains in the winter."

"Being present with people is also really important to me. And I really value spending time with friends and creating experiences to share."

Well Holden did create a fantastic experience to share with you as you can see from some of his photos.

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