Monday, June 18, 2018

A working day with Jameson
I was able to spend the afternoon with Jameson as he worked around the farm, getting everything in order.
He had to put some hard labor in getting ready for the summer festivities. 
Digging holes and putting up the new fencing.
The sun was starting to heat things up a bit as he took a small break to catch his breath.
Wiping the sweat from his face wanting to stop for the day but knew the rewards were coming real soon if he kept going.
With the heat beating down, he knew he wasn't going to make it long with out heading over to the outdoor sprinkler shower he had built so he could clean up and cool down a bit. 

He tried real hard to keep working after cooling down, but that only made him a bit hotter and needing to take his break more seriously.  When he headed over to the hill side.
Thinking that he was alone he wanted to make sure that no one was coming down the trails. 

It was going to be a long time before he was back at the house and could really take care of business, he decided to extend him break a bit longer. 

There is no better feeling than enjoying yourself in the great outdoors.  

Needless to say the work did not get done around the farm but Jameson enjoyed his little break.  Stay tuned for more adventures of Jameson.

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