Monday, September 3, 2018

Body Image Project

Being a photographer of male figures, I hear often that they are not comfortable with their bodies for one reason or another. We all have or had body image issues at one time or another.  What we view of ourselves is often much different than how others see us. That is why photoshoots, of the nature I do, is so wonderful. It allows one to see them self the way many others see them. It’s a very liberating experience.

I put a survey out to my viewers of what their thoughts are on the subject. The project requested them to answer some questions and provide selfies, dressed to the level they were comfortable sharing,

I have to say I was a bit overwhelmed at the responses that wanted to partake in the project. I have started to get some responses back already and will be posting them as I receive them. Remember these are their inner thoughts on the subject and their photos that they provided, some are selfies, others are taking by someone else and than some are done professionally (photogs unknown).

Please take some time and read through the responses. I am truly blessed that so many guys have opened up and shared their inner thoughts with me.   It would be great if you leave a comment as you finish reading the stories.

If you would like to partake send me an email


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