Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Karl's Input on Body Image

Age? 21

Stats? 5’9, 230

What age did you start having body image issues? 12

What age did you really start loving your body? 21 but I’m still learning to love my body

What caused you to ever have doubts about the way your body looked? Growing up, social media played an important role about having doubts about my body. Also, boys at school because they looked different than me. 

Are you comfortable being nude in front of others? Ie lockerrom, bedroom, etc  
Sometimes if I know the person but I’m still uncomfortable about being nude.

What does body positivity mean to you?
Body positivity mean to me is about loving and understanding your body in a way where you don’t care about people’s perspective. 

What is your favorite body part? My nose, lip and eyes.

What is your least favorite body part? Abdomen 

What do you love most about your body? My imperfections such as my stretch marks and how my body is like a soft pillow hahaha.

What would you like to improve about your body?
I would like to lose weight so that I can be healthy. 

What is special about your body? Still figuring out the special thing about my body. 

What do you do to make yourself feel better about yourself?
My passion in art makes me feel better. Painting is a way where I can be calm and make my day better. 

How often are you naked just because? Rarely 

How often do you check yourself out? Everyday 

What do you find attractive physically in a potential mate? Their eyes, I love looking at people’s eye. Also, the way they smile! 

Have you always had positive thoughts about your body? No

What do you tell yourself when you aren’t feeling so positive about your body? This is YOU! You are unique in your own way. Don’t change anything about yourself to make someone happy. You need to make yourself happy first! 

Has there been anyone in your life that you’ve modeled your body positivity after? No, I can’t think of anyone. 

When do you feel most confident about how your body looks? I feel more confident when I wear an underwear. Also, when I wear my favorite clothes. 

What’s your favorite outfit that makes you feel your hottest? 
Any clothes that has a printed pattern in it. Also, wearing my art clothes like white shirt with different smudge of paints.

When is a time that you’ve felt the best about your body? I don’t remember.... 

Who makes you feel the most sexy? Someone I know..... sometimes myself. 

Is there a time of year that you feel most sexy? No

What male celebrity do you think has the best body/body positivity? Any of the Chris’ that I can think of. Evans, Hemsworth and etc. 

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  1. Karl, you have a beautiful smile, a handsome face and I was sad to not see more pics of your sexy body. Thanks for sharing your story!