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This project has been so wonderful, all the people that have partaken and completely opened up about their body image and their struggles.  I had been following Svety for a while now and through this project, we started talking more.  He really opened up and I so much appreciate that.  When we look at someone we have no idea of who they are on the inside and the struggles that they have faced or facing.  I applaud you for standing up to face your inner fears and share not only your beautiful photos of the outside of you but opening up and showing us the deeper inside of you.  The photos that are posted are from various photographers, with their names credited on the photos.  The last three photos I believe tells your story as you felt chained up and slowly are breaking free.  Great job my friend, keep up the hard work and the modeling.

Age? 40

Stats? 5'9 190lbs (aiming for 180 by year end)

What age did you start having body image issues?
From as early as age 5. I was a chubby, shy, introverted and unpopular boy all throughout school. Had few friends and was regularly teased and bullied for my weight. My father also regularly taunted me about my weight. Since childhood I never had the athleticism of my fellow classmates or their confidence. I was always hiding. 

What age did you really start loving your body? 

Only recently after my weight loss. I just turned 40 and vowed not to experience another decade of being in a body I despise.
What caused you to ever have doubts about the way your body looked?
Being teased and bullied. Feeling unattractive, unworthy and undesired. This has been a lifelong battle for me that still continues. 

Are you comfortable being nude in front of others? Ie lockerrom, bedroom, etc  
No. I change my clothes in a cubicle and in the bedroom i tend to be self conscious and even mildly anxious because I'm believing I'm not attractive nor desirable enough. 

What does body positivity mean to you?
Being eternally comfortable in one's own skin.

What is your favorite body part?
None. Everything can improve. Even in my 40's.

What is your least favorite body part?
All of them! 

What do you love most about your body?
I don't. 

What would you like to improve about your body?
Everything. More definition, more quality muscle, stronger arms, chest, broader shoulders and back, more powerful and muscular legs and bigger, perkier glutes. 

What is special about your body?
It's not special. 

What do you do to make yourself feel better about yourself?
I work out and when i do its for strength progression so it gives me a purpose and drive. I love watching movies and collecting blu rays. I love to travel and listen to music. I enjoy and love quality time with people when I'm not being such a damn loner. 

How often are you naked just because?
Only when changing my clothes, being intimate with someone or modelling for a photographer (which has taken me way out of my comfort zone in a good way). I'll only look at my naked body to gauge training and diet progress. 

How often do you check yourself out?
Too often and it's because I need constant reassurance that I'm not ugly or unworthy. I'm extremely self conscious and insecure. 

What do you find attractive physically in a potential mate?
With others I love many body types and all ethnicities. It depends on the person rather than on just abstract physical traits. Chemistry, passion, projection of confidence, warm generosity and a lack of narcissism and cruelty go a very long way. 

Have you always had positive thoughts about your body?
I never have. 

What do you tell yourself when you aren’t feeling so positive about your body?
Keeping training harder. Diet longer. Work with what you have, don't compare yourself to others (easier said than done) and never give up. Ever. 

Has there been anyone in your life that you’ve modeled your body positivity after?
No specific person but I respect and am in awe of everyday people that have transformed their bodies and lives for better health and longevity and have managed to sustain their new lifestyle. No drugs, no gimmicks, no short cuts just long, hard work with patience and perseverance. 

When do you feel most confident about how your body looks?
I look at a photo that I've done. Once edited I'm sometimes startled to realise that's really me and that maybe I'm not as bad as I think I am. 

What’s your favorite outfit that makes you feel your hottest?
Black leather jacket, white tshirt and blue jeans. You can never go wrong with such a masculine and timeless look. I keep my dresswear simple. 

When is a time that you’ve felt the best about your body?
Only recently. I'm discovering a body i always had, flaws and all, which was covered under so much bodyfat

Who makes you feel the most sexy?
The right partner. Someone kind, caring, passionate, sensitive, respectful and who accepts me for me. 

Is there a time of year that you feel most sexy?
Time of year? Didn't know feeling sexy was seasonal LOL. 

What male celebrity do you think has the best body/body positivity?
NONE. Sounding sarcastic and petty here but celebrity means nothing to me and many are drug enhanced. 

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