Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Samuel Shares His Inner Thoughts On Body Image

Samuel, @write_a_vision, and I have chatted for over a year about doing a potential photoshoot.  We just have not been able to connect as we live in different cities.  But we both agree we will not stop trying till we actually are able to collaborate.  I am excited to one day be able to work with him and capture his beauty. 

Age? 24 years old

Stats? 5’10” tall and 151 lbs

What age did you start having body image issues? I started having body image issues at age 18.

What age did did you really start loving your body? I started loving my body at age 23, so a year ago
What caused you to ever have doubts about the way your body looked? I had doubts about the way I looked cause I don’t look my age and everyone mistakes me for a teenager. My friends were getting buff and I was still skinny. 

Are you comfortable being nude in front of others? Ie lockerrom, bedroom, etc  Yes, I’m comfortable being nude around others in the locker room or at the nude beach. I don’t care who sees. 

What does body positivity mean to you? Body positivity means being comfortable in my own skin and being confident and happy the way I am. 

What is your favorite body part? My favorite body part is my lips, everyone compliments them so they must look good. 

What is your least favorite body part? My least favorite body part is my feet, I’ve always being self conscious about others looking at my feet, but I have a foot fetish so it’s complicated

What do you love most about your body? What I love most about my body is my hips cause they make my butt look bigger.

What would you like to improve about your body? I wanna improve on having a bigger butt and finally get abs. 

What is special about your body? The special thing about my body is that no matter how much I eat, I barely gain weight. 

What do you do to make yourself feel better about yourself? I tend to walk around the nude beach and spot different body shapes, and that helps me feel better about myself. 

How often are you naked just because?  I get naked whenever I get the chance to, at least once a week. 

How often do you check yourself out? I check myself out every time I get out of the shower.

What do you find attractive physically in a potential mate? I find eyes attractive in a potential mate, if our eyes are connected then he’s interested in me.  

Have you always had positive thoughts about your body? I just started having positive thoughts about my body and I’m loving it! 

What do you tell yourself when you aren’t feeling so positive about your body? I look myself in the mirror and say “You’re so sexy,” whenever I’m not feeling positive

Has there been anyone in your life that you’ve modeled your body positivity after? I can’t recall modeling my body positivity after someone. 

When do you feel most confident about how your body looks? I feel more confident about how my body looks after a haircut, after shaving, after mascaping, and after going to the gym. 

What’s your favorite outfit that makes you feel your hottest? My favorite outfit that makes me look the hottest is my leather pants, a fitted shirt and high tops.

Who makes you feel the most sexy? My sexual partners make me feel the most sexy. 

Is there a time of year that you feel most sexy? I feel most sexy in the summer. 

What male celebrity do you think has the best body/body positivity? I think Garret Clayton has the best body, I look up to him a lot. 

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