Monday, September 3, 2018

T and his thoughts on his body image

I have had the pleasure of meeting T and collaborating with him in the past.  He is a great guy and a lot of fun to work with.  We actually did a group shoot and he had us all laughing the whole night.  T, you are beautiful inside and out, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topic with us.

Age? 24

Stats? 5'8 180 lbs

What age did you start having body image issues? I'd have to say when I reached 12

What age did you really start loving your body? Has to be 18, hands down

What caused you to ever have doubts about the way your body looked? Western media influences is to believe that the lighter your skin tone is the more desirable and beautiful you are, and that really took a toll on me. 

Are you comfortable being nude in front of others? Ie lockerrom, bedroom, etc? Yes, I am. I love to show off ;)

What does body positivity mean to you? To me, it means you are comfortable in your own skin and are proud of the body that you have, and you wear the things you want to wear and feel good about yourself while wearing it
What is your favorite body part? Probably my legs, ass included. 

What is your least favorite body part? If this were asked a couple years ago I'd say my nose, but it's actually a scar that I have on my nose, though I don't think it's a body part lol

What do you love most about your body? I love my skin, and my skin tone. It took a while to get to this point, but I'm here 🤗

What would you like to improve about your body? I would like to actually tone up more, and get back to "1st year in the army" body

What is special about your body? It's all mine.. from the wrinkles on my forehead, to the dimples on my cheeks, and even the stretch marks on my ass!

What do you do to make yourself feel better about yourself? I usually dress up in what I consider sexy clothing. Things like lace, lingerie, silk, garter belt, sexy underwear.
How often are you naked just because? Pretty much whenever I can be 

How often do you check yourself out? Not every time I walk past a mirror, but every other time lol

What do you find attractive physically in a potential mate? Smile, then arms/chest then thighs/butt

Have you always had positive thoughts about your body? Unfortunately, I have not. I used to think I was ugly, unwanted, and etc

What do you tell yourself when you aren’t feeling so positive about your body? I tell myself that I still look good, despite what's currently going on

Has there been anyone if your life that you've modeled your body positivity after? Not really, I kind of had to do it for myself. 

When do you feel most confident about how your body looks? All the time actually, when being naked, dressed sexily, when in uniform, and even when I get dressed not caring about how I look!

What’s your favorite outfit that makes you feel your hottest? It's a custom made silk chiffon fur lined robe from Bahrain, paired with a quarter cut long sleeve mesh shirt, black H&M low cut underwear, with a lacey garter belt stocking combo on top 😍

When is a time that you’ve felt the best about your body? When I used to pole dance/gogo dance

Who makes you feel the most sexy? Myself and my husband, and sometimes strangers too

Is there a time of year that you feel most sexy? Fall and Winter time because that's when I can wear the Fur coats and robes with nothing but lingerie on underneath 

What male celebrity do you think has the best body/body positivity? Hmm.. That's a tough one actually. I don't think I pay attention to them that much to be honest

Anything else that you would provide? Thanks for giving me the opportunity to speak on this, I really appreciate it!

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